About Us

The Regional Center for Information and Communication Technology


(RCICT) is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain under the auspsies of UNESCO, is an accredited Category II Center, which works towards fulfilling UNESCO's efforts in achieving its strategic objectives and building knowledge societies.

RCICT's Vision

To lead innovation and scientific research and to promote cooperation in capacity-building and standard setting in ICTs regionally

Through its various programs, initiatives and activities, RCICT contributed to raising the human development indicators in the Arab region, particularly the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Yemen, by harnessing information and communication technology in the fields of capacity-building and knowledge exchange, experience and good practices. RCICT works on a continuous basis with the Ministry of Education and a number of national, regional and international institutions in the field of information and communication technology to achieve sustainable development and making maximum use of information and communication technology in the training, teaching, learning and evaluation processes. The support of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Centre has contributed to the development of its infrastructure and human resources. RCICT has the latest technology and advanced equipment to implement its projects, initiatives and activities. The number of beneficiaries of the training services provided by RCICT at the national and regional levels has reached approximately 15,000 since its opening.

RCICT's Message

To enhance applied research education and training in the fields of Information and Communication Technology with the objective of making a contribution towards building a solid base of knowledge for meeting some of the technological challenges that Bahrain and the rest of the Arab countries face today and tomorrow.

RCICT's Goals


RCICT aims to employ modern information and communication technologies to enhance knowledge acquisition and exchange in the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Yemen through:

Encourage the development and dissemination of Arabic digital content
To enable the design, development, production and distribution of knowledge products for sustainable development purposes.
Facilitate the collection of resources, technical expertise and private sector contributions related to ICT applications.
Promote creativity, innovation and practical applications of information and communication technologies for capacity-building and lifelong professional skills development.

RCICT's Functions

The Center's functions were designed to contribute in the use of information and communication technologies for knowledge acquisition and exchange in order to promote sustainable development. The Center's functions are:

A brainstorming laboratory for the development of strategic plans, policies and practices through the networking of professionals at the regional level, including organizing direct meetings and the establishment of a virtual practitioners' community in the Center's area of competence.

Capacity – builder providing education and training for trainers in the areas related to capacity-building in ICTs for knowledge sharing and acquisition, including system development, applications development, computer literacy and information literacy.


Clearing house on theories, experiences and best practices in the area of the application of ICT’s for knowledge sharing and acquisition worldwide.

Technology hub providing state-of-the-art computing infrastructure in order to advance large-scale data-processing applications, scientific research and high-performance computing.

Research centre for developing and coordinating cooperative research on technology solutions for knowledge acquisition and sharing.