The functions of the centre will be tailored to contribute to the use of ICTs in knowledge acquisition and sharing for fostering sustainable development. In particular, it will have the following functions:

  • laboratory of ideas for developing strategic plans, policies and practices through networking of regional professionals, including the organization of face-to-face meetings and the establishment of virtual community of practices in the area of its competence;


The centre shall enjoy on the territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain, under the authority of the Minister of Education, the personality and legal capacity necessary for the exercise of its functions, in particular the capacity to contract, institute legal proceedings, acquire and dispose of movable and immovable property.


The centre will be hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Ministry of Education as an independent entity exerting its functions and executing its activities and programmes using its own capacity and drawing on the capabilities of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s government, universities, national research centres and other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and those in the GCC region and Yemen, in accordance with the regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The site has been located and construction will start very soon.


The cooperation expected from UNESCO once the proposed centre is established is as
  • providing advice towards the formulation of the short-term, middle-term and long-term vision and strategy of the centre;
  • encouraging intergovernmental, non-governmental and private sector entities, as well as Member States of UNESCO, to provide financial and technical assistance, and to propose appropriate projects to the centre, and facilitating contacts with other international organizations relevant to the functions of the centre;
  • providing the centre with relevant UNESCO publications and other pertinent materials and disseminating information on the activities of the centre via the UNESCO “Web World” website, newsletters and other mechanisms at its disposal;
  • participating, when appropriate, in the educational, scientific and training activities / meetings held by the centre.

As a specific contribution to the building of national capacity in Bahrain, the centre will:


(a) Coverage:

The centre will carry out its activities in the six Member States of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) and Yemen. The centre will seek involvement from other countries in the region that are willing to contribute to and benefit from the centre.

(b) Potential Impacts:

Currently, a regional, state-of-the-art centre on ICTs in capacity-building and knowledge at local and regional level does not exist. The centre is thus expected to contribute to
enhanced technical, educational and scientific cooperation and knowledge transfer in
related topics at both regional and international levels. The potential impact of the centre on scientific and technical cooperation at inter-regional levels is thus significant.

(c) Technical Cooperation

Technical cooperation with other established of UNESCO or placed under its auspices, is
regional agencies and scientific NGOs can Furthermore, the centre has the intention to
Forum. Cooperation with other United Nations and UNIDO, is envisaged. Furthermore, strong sector companies is foreseen for this centre.

The Centre welcomes cooperation and partnership with all agencies and institutions that
share the centre’s mission and objectives.


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